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It's this TV show about a guy named . He is a computer nerd who accidentally got all of the governments secrets put into his head. He works for the Nerd Herd, the tech help guys at the local Buy More. While working a normal job he doubles as a "secret agent" on his off hours for the CIA. He's a nerd though so he can't do it alone. He's got the help of a couple of government agents and... just watch the show. It's funny, suspenseful, action packed goodness every week!

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Movies or shows you should see on your first date

For many people, first dates are unsettling and intimidating experiences because they could create or destroy a possible relationship. There are plenty of great ideas for what a couple can do on their first meeting, but nothing sets the mood quite like a dinner and a film. Whether it a comedy, a drama or a thriller, a movie night is perfect to break the ice and connect with the other person.

The perfect movie can be a little tricky to find. There are some good options that are excellent for first dates. You may think of some of them as cliché, while others will surprise you. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the atmosphere it creates. It is always good to combine romance with comedy, thus “50 First Dates” can be a good choice. The plot is about a guy who has to make his amnesiac girlfriend fall in love with him every single day.

It can be very difficult to find a storyline and characters that equally attract both men and women, but the romantic comedy “Jerry Maguire” is a fine example of a film that combines both tastes. The famous line “You had me at hello” and the love story between a successful sports agent who starts his life from scratch and his hired assistant will put a smile on your faces. Some partners have gone through bad relationships and the plot might inspire them to find a fresh start.

Nothing brings out romance like a good romantic drama. Do not waste time on Camplace and browse the Internet for ideas. A good pick would be “Before Sunrise” due to its realistic approach on life and love. It shows you that you do not have to be perfect to find your significant other. The film follows two young travelers who meet on a train and disembark in Vienna. Here, they get to know each other and fall in love over the course of one night.

Another wonderful selection for new couples is the TV show “Chuck”. As it blends action, romance, humor, a perfect cast and chemistry, this will be an entertaining one to watch with your companion. The show is about a young computer nerd who accidentally downloads government confidential information into his brain and two secret agents are assigned to protect him, while changing his life completely. “Chuck” is full of suspense and gests you hooked from the first episodes.

A good way to make sure you can fill those dreadful moments of silence is to go watch “Thor”. It is a good trick to get cozy, while you explore the relationship between the arrogant god Thor and the human Jane Foster and hardships they face along the journey. With fun and action sequences mixed with fiction reality, you and your date will have many things to talk about after it ends.

Choose to see the animation “Wall-E” for its uplifting spirit that keeps both of you happy and adorable character. The story revolves around the garbage collecting robot that goes on a space expedition to establish the human race’s fate. His pairing with a sleek machine shows that opposites really attract. Regardless if you pick a message film, or a funny TV show, movies are always pretty safe bets for dates.